Our Story

    Our Story

    Ravinsky Ltd. has been in the surfaces and granite industry since 1986.

    The company has specialized in importing the finest and rarest raw materials in the world for many years.

    It has been working with marble, synthetic stone and quartz surfaces, Murano surfaces, granite and porcelain surfaces.

    Ravinsky offers a wide variety of colored and textured surfaces. You can choose from the large and high quality selection on display in the showroom, as well as peruse the plethora of slabs in our lot.

    You can see some of our work in Clalit hospitals, at Tel Hashomer Hospital, Assuta Hospital, retirement homes, hotels, residential projects, kindergartens, schools, and showrooms. We also have numerous unique projects where we collaborated with some of the top architects in Israel.

    Ravinsky Ltd. works with leading construction companies in Israel to give families in Israel our quality stone surfaces in their new home.

    It’s important to stress that throughout every stage of the work process, we assist our customers with personal and professional advice, both before and after installation.

    The company is guided by its credo to give the customer the perfect purchase experience with regards to service, quality, design and guarantee.

    Ravinsky Ltd. works according to “public trust” guidelines for the customer’s benefit. At Ravinsky Ltd., all the work stages, from selecting the material and matching it to the infrastructure and purpose, measurements, cutting and processing, is all done in-house at Sgula Petach Tikvah.

    שיש רבינסקי - האיכות מעל הכל
    All under one roof
    שיש רבינסקי - האיכות מעל הכל
    marble Importers
    שיש רבינסקי - האיכות מעל הכל
    Moreno Glass surface
    Anti-bacterial surface

    The Story of our Factory

    Ravinsky Ltd. was founded in 1986, and ever since has specialized in importing some of the finest raw materials in the world!

    Ravinsky believes in the “all under one roof” approach. Its showroom, offices, lot with thousands of slabs, the factory with state of the art machinery, CNC and water jet machines are in our factory in Petach Tikvah. The company continued to grow thanks to the love of our customers. We get our inspiration from the people we work with at Ravinsky Ltd.

    This is the start of a beautiful love story
    August 1983, it’s a hot summer - kids are on break, pool, beach, camp, and a premiere container of granite arrives at Moshav Yarkona. Two additional containers arrive shortly thereafter, in September, and this is how our love story with stone, nature’s creation, began. The feel, the incredible variety of colors, limitless imagination, a captivating world of beauty.
    Imagination knows no bounds
    The granite comes from all four corners of the earth - India, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, Egypt, Italy, and more. Nature giveth and man taketh. Ravinsky Ltd. quickly becomes a wholesaler for importing granite slabs.
    Ravinsky Ltd. is born
    Ravinsky Ltd. keeps growing and the yard in Moshav Yarkona is no longer large enough for the inventory of granite slabs. Ravinsky Ltd. has been in the surfaces and granite industry since 1986 and has been importing some of the finest raw materials in the world for many years.
    Sgula, Petach Tikvah
    December 1993 Ravinsky Ltd. acquires the lot in the Sgula industrial area of Petach Tikvah.
    From Yarkona to Petach Tikvah
    April 1994 The company’s business moves from Yarkona to Petach Tikvah.
    Times change
    Times change and so do trends and the world starts transitioning to synthetic materials instead of natural ones, like quartz.
    Ravinsky Ltd. changes its profile from a wholesaler importer of granite slabs to a company selling stone surfaces for home use. Ravinsky Ltd. quickly conquers the world of production, working with the top contractors / architects / designers in Israel.
    The world of synthetic materials mimics nature Ravinsky Ltd. joins the leading factory in Italy, Stone Italiana.
    A new material comes on the surfaces scene - porcelain. And once again, just like in the natural and synthetic world, Ravinsky Ltd. imports the materials from the leading factories in Italy and Spain. Since then, Ravinsky Ltd. has manufactured thousands of surfaces in Israel and abroad for public construction, private construction, hospitals, shopping malls, high-rise construction, and more.
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